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Experienced and motivated leader, advocate, entrepreneur, educator and professional with a love for people, knowledge and business. Creative, passionate and dedicated subject matter expert, teacher, writer, motivator and leader. Keynote speaker on issues of incarceration/reentry, prison reform, criminal justice reform, workforce development, adult education, and constitutional law.


My mission is to GIVE. To give to myself, my family and to others. To give for no other purpose than to help another.

My mission is to LEARN. To learn from books, experiences and from people. To learn as if the secret of life and love can be found in a buried book or mind. 


My mission is to TEACH. To teach others to love and laugh, to learn and grow beyond their wildest imaginations. 

My mission is to LOVE. To love for today while being conscience of tomorrow and never forgetting yesterday. To live for the little things that life has to offer as it is all these little things that can bring happiness and contentment into your life. 


My mission is to BE HAPPY, one second at a time.


My mission is to REMEMBER WHO I AM, where I came from and where I hope to land once my feet touch the ground.

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